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International Academic Conference on Ophthalmology

Research Fund Project

1 Sub-project of key R&D project of Ministry of Science and Technology

5 National Natural Science Foundation of China

1 International cooperation project

23 Provincial and ministerial scientific research project

53 Municipal scientific research project

53 Health Bureau scientific research project

9 Parallel research project


Two patents in 2013

Two patents in 2014

Five patents in 2015

One patents in 2016

One patents in 2017

Financial Support

In 2012, AIER established the "AIER Eye Hospital Group Research Fund", with 50 million RMB invested each year and funded for more than 110 scientific research projects.
R & D investment in 2015: 100 million RMB.
In 2017, funding for the academician expert workstation: 15 million RMB (in 5 years)

Research Team

11 Ph.D. supervisors
29 master supervisors
Over 3000 ophthalmologists and specialized experts of which 644 hold senior titles (associate professor and above) and 609 hold intermediate titles (attending doctor and above).