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International Symposium On Optometry And Vision Science

As a dedicated and specialized branch to address the problem of visual health, the development of optometry in China's has lagged behind developed countries. November 21, 2016, in order to accelerate the progression of Optometry in China, AIER Eye Hospital Group hosted the International Symposium on Optometry and Vision Science.

President of Asian Eye Optics Association, Dr. Jiawei Chen, led a group of the world's top optometry experts in Changsha to share the optometry and vision science frontier research results, the new technology, new theory and new trend of industrial development, provide communication channels and learning platform, to promote the innovation and development of eye optometry.

Prof. Jia Qu, head of the optometry group of Chinese Medical Association, said that the conference is one of the top-level and high-profile academic events held in China in recent years, and has set up a high-end international academic platform, which pulled China to the forefront of international optometry development.

 During the conference, the international Children's vision health project "Our Children's Vison" landing in China, AIER eye hospital group was unveiled as global four executive OCV project partners, is also the only actuator in China.