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IRSS International Refractive Surgery Symposium

In order to better break the "haze" of vision, the IRSS 2016 was recently held in Guangzhou. The conference invited more than 500 experts from China, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and other countries and regions to come to our academic experts to help Chinese patients with myopia out of the "hazy era". The conference was jointly organized by Aier Eye Hospital Group, AIER School of Ophthalmology of Central South University. Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology provided academic support. Heated discussions were sparked around myopia operation, including the latest progress of SMILE operation, the prevention and treatment of surgical complications, the preoperative diagnosis of corneal morphology, intraocular operation and collagen cross-linking, corneal biomechanics and other related fields at the forefront.


During the meeting, Prof. Shibo Tang, Dean of AIER School of Ophthalmology, Central South University (CSU), issued a letter of appointment to Prof. Cynthia Roberts and formally invited Prof. Roberts as a visiting professor at the AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU. This appointment gained more momentum for China's ophthalmology education.


"China has the largest number of patients in the world that received refractive operation, and the development of refractive operation in China has a significant global impact," said by Prof. Jian Ge, a well-known ophthalmologist and former director of the Chinese Medical Association's Ophthalmology Branch.