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AIER Optometry Institute

As the importance of vision in our daily life, the problem of vision is a major medical and social problem that urgently needs to be solved. In order to better develop the domestic optometry business, improve the academic standard, AIER founded the "AIER Optometry Institute", according to the current international forefront of optometric science and medical development needs, visual function related clinical and basic research-oriented, with the technical support of the world's most advanced research equipment, to carry out relevant scientific research and technological development, contribute to the people's visual health and the progress of optometry.


AIER Optometry Institute is principally engaged in basic research, development of optometry products and training in ametropic (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), amblyopia, low vision, frame glasses, contact lenses, refractive operation and visual science. Research and development projects involve many fields such as visual science, eye health care, optics, material science, cell biology and genetics, and is able to conduct scientific research, design, testing and equipment manufacturing and improvement.