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AIER Corneal Institute

Approved by AIER Eye Hospital Group, AIER Corneal Institute was officially established on April 14, 2018. It is the first subspecialty institute established by AIER Eye Hospital Group.

Supported by AIER Eye Hospital Group, AIER Corneal Institute is committed to the basic and related clinical research of corneal and ocular surface diseases. The research objective is to establish a multi-center research platform on the basis of clinical research, to continuously conduct in-depth research on the pathogenesis of corneal disease from the perspectives of epidemiology, cytology and genes, and to carry out serialized research on the optimization of relevant clinical treatment schemes.

The institute consists of the nationally renowned corneal disease experts including Prof. Li Shaowei, Prof. Sun Xuguang, Prof. Zeng Qingyan, and other core experts. At the same time, Prof. Wang Mingwu, a famous American corneal disease expert, and Prof. Zhu Meidong, a senior expert in Australian eye bank, are specially invited as consultants of the institute. The provincial hospitals, all equipped with a complete echelon construction, have more than 30 senior doctors that can lead the team to participate in related research. At the same time, the expert group has established and improved the diagnosis and treatment standards, service processes, patient management, evaluation and examination mechanisms related to corneal disease, and regularly commenced training, teaching and other research activities. All these greatly improved the scientific research ability and academic level of the Group.

The main working of AIER Corneal Institute contains four parts:

1. Mainly engaging in clinical and basic research related to corneal diseases to improve the overall academic level and influence of the corneal disease group of AIER;

2. To guide and assist academic leaders in entering upon scientific research;

3. Supervising the research direction and content at the group level, especially leading the development of multi-center research;

4. Actively initiating academic exchanges and cooperation  introducing new technologies and enhancing influence.

The key research areas of the institute will focus on four directions:

1. Basic and clinical research on infectious keratitis;

2. Eye bank related research;

3. The basic and clinical research of dry eye disease, as well as the innovative construction of dry eye clinic model;

4. Basic and clinical research related to corneal transplantation.