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AIER Cataract Institute

AIER Cataract Institute was found in January 2001. Mr. Zhang Jinsong, the General Director of AIER Eye Hospital in Liaoning province, was designated as the director of AIER Cataract Institute taking charge of the science and research management under the leadership of the president of AIER Eye Hospital Group.

The Institute, under the guiding philosophy of "Innovation at AIER", aims to provide a platform for cutting-edge international research, to improve modern medical technology, to promote the development of the medical profession. With the aim of cultivating high-level innovative talents, we give full play to the advantages of the abundant resources of AIER in the field of eye diseases, especially cataract, to establish "5+1" research platform to build five clinical research centers focused on cutting-edge technologies in refractive artificial lens development, application and evaluation Center, and an ophthalmology center focusing on cataract development and blocking mechanisms, lens regeneration research, and artificial lens chips, basic cataract and artificial lens research laboratory.

Under the multi-center collaborative development model of the Group, the institute strives to improve the scientific research level and innovative promotion and application capabilities of the Group in ophthalmology, especially in the field of cataracts and intraocular lenses.