Research Associate

The Ophthalmic Research Associate will play a critical role in advancing our understanding of ophthalmic diseases and developing new treatments to improve patient outcomes.


The Ophthalmic Research Associate will conduct research on ophthalmic diseases and treatments. They will design and execute experiments, collect and analyze data, and communicate research findings to colleagues, stakeholders, and the scientific community.


AIER Eye Hospital Group's research institutions are looking for talented Research associate to join our scientific team.

our research institutions focus on the following research directions:

l  Mechanism and therapeutic target discovery of eye diseases

l  Stem cells and eye diseases

l  Ophthalmic genetics and gene therapy

l  Myopia prevention and control

l  Visual cognition and rehabilitation

l  Systemic diseases and the eye

l  AI in eye diseases(basic science research&clinical application)

l  Ophthalmic drug discovery

l  Material science and bioengineering in ophthalmology

l  Ophthalmic equipment(diagnostic and treatment)



l  Independently complete the project according to the requirements of PI, and assisting the PI in supervising students.

l  Design and execute experiments to investigate ophthalmic diseases and treatments.

l  Collect and analyze data using a variety of techniques, including statistical analysis.

l  Interpret experimental results and draw conclusions from data.

l  Communicate research findings through publications, presentations, and other means.

l  Write grant proposals to secure funding for research projects.

l  Stay current with developments in ophthalmology and related fields.



Have published at least two articles as first author in the top 20% of journals in the field; and experience assisting professors in teaching within research groups

PhD in Ophthalmology, Computer Science and Technology, Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis, Nursing, Biology, Bioengineering, Pharmacy, Materials Science, Electronic Engineering, Statistics, Public Health, Health Economics, Optics.

l  Proficiency in statistical analysis and data interpretation.

l  Excellent communication skills, including the ability to present research findings to colleagues, stakeholders, and the scientific community.

l  Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with other researchers and clinicians.

l  Strong grant writing skills to secure funding for research projects.

l  Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

l  Familiarity with laboratory safety protocols and procedures.


How to apply

To apply, please email us your application:

The application should include:

1. Your background and motivation for applying for this position;

2. Your current CV with research background and a list of your publications;

3. PDF for two representative publications;

4. Email address for 2 referencese.g. previous research supervisors and collaborators;

Submit the application by email to with subject line of The position you are applying for + your name.

The review of application will begin immediately and will continue until the positions are filled.