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AIER Eye Hospital Group Acquired AW Healthcare Management


Recently, AIER Eye Hospital Group has acquired AW Healthcare Management possessed by Dr. Ming Wang before, and 75% of the LLC equity projects have been completed in accordance with the transaction agreement.


Well-known for high-end ophthalmic medical services, Wang Vision Ophthalmic Center has served 55 countries in the world and more than 40 states around the USA, including a number of national dignitaries and Hollywood stars.


"Thanks to the long-term mutual trust between the two sides", Chen Bang, chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group stated in an interview, "the acquisition progress worked smoothly". The official delivery of project marks one more milestone in AIER’s advance of globalization. As the world's top doctors, Dr.Ming Wang has been appointed as the head of AIER in North America, and will further expand the medical business in the USA.


At the same time, Dr.Ming Wang is familiar with China's national conditions, who will lead to form an expert group together with the United States famous ophthalmologists, and conduct multi-dimensional integration interactions with the AIER Eye Hospital system to achieve mobile medical treatments, scientific researches, staff training and so on, which shall become AIER's anther vital force to develop high-end medical and march into the international market, boosting the technical services and brand image of AIER to a new level.


Wu Shijun, Secretary of AIER Eye Hospital Group introduced that in recent years, since the residents begin to have a higher expectation on medical service, the domestic demand and supply for high-end medical service are increasingly becoming unbalanced. In order to meet the multi-level medical needs, AIER Eye Hospital Group will elevate the premier service capabilities. As Wang Vision Ophthalmic Center enjoys a mature premier medical service system, it is bound to form an optimistic synergistic effect with Aier.


Industry veteran experts expressed their views on the event- based on the mass patient group of AIER, the development of high-end medical will not only be beneficial for the brand influence construction of AIER in the global scope, it will also gradually enhance the added value of medical services.