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AIER Eye Hospital Group Acquired Clínica Baviera


The acquisition of European leader in eye care services, Clínica Baviera, by  AIER  Eye Hospital Group has successfully come to a close. This win-win merger is bound to reshape the global eye care industry.

Today, AIER Eye Hospital Group announced that the company has completed the acquisition of the Clínica Baviera, S.A. shares in the tender offer and has paid the full amount on August 9, 2017 (Beijing time). After the completion of the settlement through  AIER  Eye International (Europe) co., LTD, the company holds a total 14,159,510 shares of Clinica Baviera, S.A., accounting for 86.83% of its shares issued.  AIER  has become the only medical group in the world which owns public companies in both China and Europe. It has built the largest eye group spanning Asia, United States and Europe, covering a population of more than 2 billion.

Experts In the industry say the acquisition is a landmark event in the global medical service industry in recent years, and is expected to reshape the global eye care industry. As the largest ophthalmic medical institutions in China and Europe respectively,  AIER  Eye Hospital Group and Clínica Baviera will lead deep global integration of eye care service, in meantime, increase China’s influence in the international market.

Mr. Bang Chen, the chairmen of  AIER  Eye Hospital Group, said at the beginning of the acquisition, the company's management had a full range of multi-round of due diligence investigation and research, the development of ophthalmic in European market prospects, and comprehensive understanding the underlying company's competitive advantage as well.

At the same time, the management of both companies has conducted in-depth communication. The highly similar development philosophy and strategy from both sides created favorable conditions for the smooth integration.

It is worth mentioning that the acquisition had a high degree of acceptance, while retaining the listing status, indicating that the bid is accurate and reasonable, completely meet the company's expected goals. Clinica Baviera reported a net profit of 794.5 million euros in 2016. With the market share continued to improve, the profitability is expected to further enhance, thereby improving the performance of Aier Eye Hospital Group. 

The company chairman secretary Mr. Shijun Wu said that the internationalization of  AIER  always guided by the principle of positive and prudent. The management teams of the European, the United States and the Hong Kong projects kept close communication with the relevant departments of the Group, which laid a good foundation for business synergies. 


The management teams and core medical staffs of  AIER 's overseas projects will also present at the 22nd national ophthalmology conference of Chinese Medical Association in September this year.