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Ieyecloud Private Eye Doctors Providing Signed Patients With Online Eye Health Services


Ieyecloud has debuted its private eye doctors. 3000 professional doctors are available for providing signed patients with online eye health services. 


Recently, the function of Private Doctor of the ieyecloud APP owned by AIER Eye Hospital Group have been launched, which allows users to know very well about their own eye conditions and sign for private doctors to obtain individualized eye health solutions and all-round online follow-up services only through moving their fingers on the ieyecloud APP while staying at home.

With this exploratory launch of private doctor services on the ieyecloud APP, users can sign online for their own exclusive eye doctors and establish one-to-one relationships with doctors, which can not only realize directional consultations but also enjoy doctors’ clinic guides and after-diagnosis follow-up services.

In earlier times, ieyecloud has covered the online booking services of over 180 AIER Eye Hospitals across the country. From eye discomfort, online consultation, appointment with a hospital for diagnosis to after-diagnosis care, only one doctor will continuously follow up and provide services. This kind of single-minded “Private Customization” health management mode is just a major development trend of internet healthcare.   

At present, our country approximately has more than 36000 eye doctors. With the times development, people’s demands on eye health services are becoming larger and larger because people in each age group will inevitably confront different eye health troubles. The lack of excellent eye doctors has become an objective factor direly influencing our people’s eye health indices.

Under this context, ieyecloud, through the APP platform, connects 3000 eye doctors from AIER Eye Hospital Group and also invites excellent doctors from many other hospitals to sign up online, enabling each doctor to be able to provide premium eye health services for more patients and making an attempt to promote the allocation optimization of the medical resources of the ophthalmology field.