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Big Data Technology, New Direction for Clinical Prevention and Control of Myopia


The International Symposium on Optometry and Visual Science- Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) was held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA from May 7 to 11, 2017. More than 10,000 ophthalmologists gathered from all over the world to share cutting-edge research and discuss future research direction.

Prof. Zhikuan Yang, PhD supervisor of AIER College of Ophthalmology, CSU and his research team members are invited to attend the ARVO conference to show their latest achievements to experts in ophthalmology from all over the world. The team used a device called "cloud clip" to study the relationship between adolescents' habit with the eye and myopia.

"Cloud Clip" is the first intelligent eye protection device in the world which can dynamically monitor wearer's eye behavior. It not only makes real-time intervention for bad eye habits of adolescents, but also provides the most authentic and reliable data for doctors to accurately diagnose and treat adolescent myopia.

At last year's ARVO conference, Prof. zhikuan Yang and his research team have demonstrated the accuracy and stability of the "Cloud Clip", and the performance of the "cloud clip" has been widely recognized by those participating experts. (“cloud clip" performance evaluation has been published in Chinese Optometry and Visual Science: 2017,19 (4): 198-203).

The results confirmed that: the near-sight work under daily indoor lighting condition is an important risk factor for myopia, while far distance and high light condition have an inhibitory effect on myopia.

More importantly, the team also found that the preventive effect of high-intensity light on myopia is much stronger than the risk of near-sight work. This discovery inaugurates a new field for the prevention and control of adolescent myopia.

Prof. Zhikuan Yang’s team has achieved two global breakthroughs. First, the objective quantification of eye behavior has puzzled academic circles for more than half a century, Cloud Clip’s emergence overcame this problem; Based on this, they are the first to use big data technology to do quantitative study on the role of eye behavior in adolescent myopia.

It is reported that Prof. Zhikuan Yang is jointly by experts from Australia and Singapore to use "Cloud Clip" to collect eye behavior data of the two countries, and compare with China’s data which aims to analyze myopia epidemiology in different countries and different ethnic groups. 

At this year's ARVO annual meeting, experts from the United States, Germany, Norway and other countries are keen to join the international cooperation project to form a global alliance of big data of myopia.

Through the global convergence of experts in the field myopia, we are expected to unlock the mystery of myopia; and with so many Chinese experts leading the project, it is expected this will further enhance China’s international academic influence in myopia research.