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2017 International Retina Summit (IRS) Closing


October 27-29th, 2017, the International Retina Summit (IRS) 2017 is held in Shenzhen and Dongguan in Guangdong province.


 Over 400 ophthalmologists from 13 countries and regions attended the Congress


Chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, Mr. Ban Chen, delivers his speech


Chairman of the congress, Professor Shibo Tang delivers his speech 

Renowned experts and scholars from 13 countries and regions around the world attended the conference to explore innovative techniques in diagnosing and treating retinal diseases. 


 Academician Xiong-li Yang and Kwok-Fai So attended the congress


The most recent advances in fundus disease researches and treatment technologies were exchanged intensively during the congress, which gave those young ophthalmologists a rare opportunity to have close interactions with top ophthalmologists and researchers from all over the world.


 Experts discuss recent research progress


Academician Xiong-li Yang and Kwok-Fai So, Chairman of the congress, Professor Calvin C.P. Pang and Shibo Tang are interviewed by media outlets


Edited by Professor Dezheng Wu, Dr.Hongjie Ma and Dr.Jinlin Zhang, reviewed by Shi-bo Tang, dean of AIER School of Ophthalmology, Central South University, and the state council special allowance expert Professor Rulong Gao, the "Atlas of 200︒ Ultra-wide fundus images" was officially released During the congress. 


The public welfare medical action for fundus disease: "A Healthy Vision" was officially launched by AIER Eye Hospital Group, Eye Care Foundation, and China Foundation for Disabled Persons(CFDP).


Launching ceremony of the "A Healthy Vision" action


 Mr. Li Li, President of AIER Eye Hospital Group, and Professor Shibo Tang, Chief Director of AIER Eye Hospitals are interviewed by China News Service, Xinhua News, Nanfang Daily, International Eye News and other media outlets. 

During the congress, AIER live broadcasted a vivid fundus disease science lecture named " the blinding eye disease that you do not know ", delivered by Professor Xinyuan Zhang,(standing Committee member of the APAO, PhD supervisor in Ophthalmology, Beijing Tongren Eye Center), Professor Shaomin Peng (PhD supervisor of AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU, Leader of Fundus Academic Committee of AIER and regional director of AIER Eye Hospital Group in Heilongjiang province), Dr.Pei Liu (director of AIER Eye Hospital Dongguan) and other experts lecture for The lecture received thousands of viewers.


 The fundus experts in the science lecture live broadcast


As one of the renowned historical and cultural cities in China, Dongguan is a beautiful place located in the middle of Guangdong province. With the warm surging around the lake jogging, the International Retina Summit (IRS) 2017 officially unveil the curtain.