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Cooperating with Singapore National Eye Center and Singapore Eye Research Institute


On March 31th, AIER Eye Hospital Group with National Eye Institute of Singapore (SNEC) & Singapore Eye Institute (SERI) signed a Memorandum of strategic cooperation agreement, which outlined the two sides decided to cooperate in academic research, personnel training and technology transformation. 


On March 31th, AIER Eye Hospital Group with SNEC & SERI signed Memorandum of strategic cooperation agreement.

As the world's first - class ophthalmic medical institution, the National Eye Institute of Singapore (SNEC) & Singapore Eye Institute (SERI) not only participates in but promotes the development and progress of human ophthalmology, they also have rich experience in academic training, clinic translation and other aspects. The strategic cooperation between AIER and the SNEC will help to promote AIER’s commercialization, Education and Research to world class, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real products.

Pro. Aung Tin, deputy dean of SNEC and director of SERI, said that: Singapore ranks first in the world in terms of per capita eye publications, second in the world in GDP per capita for eye research and development, and has a good research atmosphere and talented echelon. The National Eye Institute of Singapore (SNEC) and the Singapore Eye Institute (SERI) have devoted many years to clinical research and academic development in ophthalmology, has been ranked among the world's top ophthalmic research institutions and have made significant contributions to the treatment and prevention of global eye diseases.” I was very impressed with AIER in the vision of hierarchical chain model as well as the professional diagnosis and treatment techniques and extensive network coverage, and I am full of confidence for the future cooperation.”

Mr. Chen Bang, chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, pointed out that in recent years, AIER has continued to increase research investment based on the integration of “Commercialization-Education-Research”, and has been actively seeking external research partners while enhancing the internal strength of research. The strategic cooperation with Singapore National Eye Center and Singapore Eye Institute is a successful example. "This cooperation will not only further consolidate the strategic layout of AIER's ophthalmology's integration of Commercialization-Education-Research, but also effectively help AIER's ophthalmology foster a scientific and technological innovation team, accumulate innovative resources, effectively improve clinical conversion, and achieve the goal of 'Enabling Everyone, whether rich or poor, have the right to eye health.”