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AIER Eye Hospital Group Europe Holding Company Clinica Baviera Successfully Listed in Spain


AIER Eye Hospital group (SZ:300015) recently successfully completed the issuance of 13.13 million euros circulating shares in the Spanish securities market through its holding company, Clinica Baviera, and exceeded the expected price. This is the first private placement in the Spanish capital market for companies controlled by Chinese companies, and will serve as a model case for Chinese companies in IPO, private placement, bond issuance and other similar businesses. 

Ahorro Corporación Financiera (ACF), a long-established securities finance company in Spain, undertook this IPO. It has been preparing since March 2018, and cooperated with investment banks of international securities companies in China, Hong Kong and Spain. Mr. Yanik, the executive director of Asia Pacific region of ACF, said: "The transaction does have certain complexity. At the same time, it must meet the requirements of the Spanish Securities Regulatory Commission. It must also cooperate with a number of financial institutions. There is a certain difference in understanding of the concept of capital market operation in China and the West. We are gratified that our customers are very satisfied after our team efforts.” And he also shows that he was very honored to participate in this stock public offering, because Mr. Yanik is the only Chinese who holds a Spanish securities professional license.


AIER Eye Hospital Group was founded in 2003, is one of the fastest growing ophthalmic medical institutions in China, by absorbing international advanced medical management model and experience, combining with China's medical system reform, the expansion and ascension of its overall size and operating performance has been rapid. In 2017, AIER Eye Hospital Group completed the acquisition of Clinica Baviera (CBAV), making it the world's largest eye care service group, covering three continents of Asia, the United States and Europe, with more than 2 billion populations.


Clinica Baviera (CBAV) is the largest listed medical chain institutions in ophthalmology with 26 years old history in Europe. It has 80 ophthalmic medical centers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and other countries, its presbyopia surgery ranks largest in the European market, and myopia surgery ranks first in Germany and Spain.

This transaction proves that Chinese companies with potential for performance improvement can also be favored by investors in the Spanish capital market, and this will be seen as a successful attempt by other Chinese companies in the future.