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Talent Strategy Helps "100-Year AIER" Dream


 During 2018, AIER Eye Talent Strategy continued to be pushed forward. Actively responding the “13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Talent Development Plan”, AIER brought out a package of talent initiatives. Those initiatives and plan created a broad platform and good environment for all experts to use their talent and realize their value.

As one of the best hospitals in eye industry, AIER realized the importance of talented people long ago and has been making unremitting effort to put this idea into practice. Why the Ophthalmology talented people are so important? Ophthalmology experts is not only the fundamental guarantee for the vigorous development of ophthalmology industry, but also the most valuable asset of AIER development and the source power for realizing “100-year AIER".

Over the years, in support of the development of ophthalmologists and optometrists, AIER has not only built a complete “Science, Education and Research” integrated development system with the core of “Three School” (AIER school of Ophthalmology. CSU, AIER Eye School of Optometry. Hubei Institute of Science and Technology, AIER School of Management), “ Six Institutes (AIER Eye Institute, AIER Institute of Optometry & Visual Science, AIER Institute for Corneal Disease, AIER Retina Research Institute, AIER Glaucoma Institute, AIER dioptric Research Institute),and "Two Stations" (Academician Expert Workstation, Cooperative R & D Center of Postdoctoral Program), but also introduced a series of incentive policies with the core of "partner program". Since its official launch in 2014, the AIER Eye Partner Program has covered 129 hospitals in four years, benefiting more than a thousand ophthalmologists.


During the National Ophthalmology Annual Meeting in September 2018, the evening banquet of AIER Eye Partners was held in grand

“A lot of hospitals and research institutes in China want to conduct a clinical study, but their study can be only based on limited clinical cases and case resources of their own hospitals and research institutes. However, AIER can utilize a wide, rich and balanced clinical data & case resource within its global chain hospital system to carry out research, which is very advantageous even internationally." Said by Jinsong Zhang,  the general dean of AIER Eye Hospital in Liaoning province.

“You know what AIER got attracted me so much? That is because AIER has more than 400 professional hospital spreading around the world. These hospitals can provide the vast amount of ophthalmic clinical data and case resources of different ethnic groups, genders, and ages, covering different regions of Asia, Europe and Europe. Those data & resource is a solid foundation for large-scale, multi-center research.” said Pablo Artal, the tenured professor of the University of Murcia in Spain and distinguished professor of the AIER Institute of Optometry & Visual Science.

In 2018, more than ten famous industry top expert joined AIER as the general dean of the provinces, as a key role in research institutes of AIER, or as the academic leader of AIER certain sub-specialty research. Their arrival fully embodies the high recognition of the AIER mechanism and platform, and also fully demonstrates the AIER concept of employing people, that is respecting talented people, trusting talented people, putting talented people in the right place.



Professor Jinsong Zhang, general Dean of AIER Eye Hospital in Liaoning Province

Standing Committee Member of Chinese Ophthalmological Society,

Deputy head of the Artificial Cataract Crystallography Group,

Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Ophthalmology Society


Professor Yansheng Hao, General Dean of AIER Eye hospital in Shanxi Province

Member of the Cataract Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Ophthalmologists,

Member of the Medical Laser Committee of the Chinese Optical Society,


Professor Yading Jia, Chief Expert of AIER Eye Hospital in Shanxi Province

Standing Committee member of the Chinese Ophthalmologist Society, 

Member of Chinese Ophthalmological Society, 

Chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Ophthalmology Society



Professor Yiqiao Xing, General Dean of AIER Eye hospital in Hubei Province.

Standing Committee Member of Chinese Ophthalmological Society,

Standing Committee member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Ophthalmologist, 

Chairman of the Ophthalmologist Branch of the Hubei Medical Doctor Association.


Professor Yumin Li, General Dean of AIER Eye Hospital in Zhejiang Province.

Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Branch of Chinese Ophthalmological Society,

Academic Leader of Eye Fundus Disease Research in Zhejiang Province,

Deputy Director of the Ophthalmology Institute, Zhejiang University.


Professor Jianqiang Xing, General Dean of AIER Eye Hospital in Hainan Province,

Member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Branch of Chinese Ophthalmological Society.




Professor Yan Teng, Deputy general dean of AIER Eye Hospital in Heilongjiang Province

Member of the Visual Electrophysiology Group of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society

Ophthalmology Committee member of the Heilongjiang Medical Association.


Professor Congjian Zhao, Deputy Director of AIER Eye Institute

Postdoctoral fellow at the Charlotte Medical University of Humboldt University and the Cambridge Institute of Molecular Biology at the British Medical Council.


Professor Zhan Chen, Deputy Director of AIER Genetic Eye Disease Center

He has worked on the molecular diagnosis, genetic counseling, and gene therapy of ophthalmological hereditary diseases at the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health and Health University for more than ten years.



Professor Pablo Artal, Distinguished Professor of AIER Institute of Optometry & Visual Science

Tenured Professor of University of Murcia, Spain, co-inventor of 22 international patents in optics and ophthalmology field, founded one of the world's leading research centers for visual optics.


Professor Hengjun Gao, Academic leader of ocular fundus diseases at AIER Eye Hospital (Chengdu)

Professor of Yonsei University, member of Korea Retina Association, member of Korea Eye Association, and member of Korea Medical Association.


Professor Yanfen Yan, CEO of Asia Medicare Group in Hong Kong

Academician of The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong,

Academician of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh,

Academician of the Hong Kong College of Ophthalmology,

Academician of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

The "three major plans" for talented people training, cultivate ophthalmology elites with innovative thinking

“We have pioneered a number of initiatives for ophthalmology elite training. We hope that we can gradually improve the shortage situation of ophthalmology talents in China with our efforts, thus truly helping the development of ophthalmology industry!” said Lihua Wang, Vice President of AIER Eye Hospital, director of the Human Resource Dept. In the past of two years, AIER has successively launched a series of ophthalmology elite talent training projects such as “Photon Program”, “Bocai Program” and “Youcai Program”.


In 2017, AIER Ophthalmology released the “Photon Program”. The project plans to receive and train 1,000 potential doctors from 2018. The project will adopt a variety of training methods such as surgery training, management training, overseas exchange; academic education support, scientific research support and innovation & entrepreneurial support, helping doctors develop into comprehensive expert. The first phase has finished phacoemulsification operation training and basic management training and will have their international visits and exchange activities; the second phase will have their surgical training soon.


In June 2018, AIER officially launched the talent cultivation project of “Bocai Grogram”

In June 2018, AIER officially launched the “Bocai Grogram”. AIER plans to recruit outstanding ophthalmologists with a master's degree in ophthalmology every year from 2018. All selected students will study full-time & off-job. The training method is following the open recruitment of doctoral programs. Teacher are the AIER experts with doctoral supervisor qualification in double first-rate university. Students with outstanding research ability will also be sent to a famous foreign university or an ophthalmology research institution for joint training. This project is another milestone in the innovation of the Top talent training model of the Chinese ophthalmology industry after the “Photon Project”. At present, the first eight students have completed the first stage of study.


In November 2018, the first "Youcai Program" list of AIER was officially announced.

In order to provide patients with high-quality primary eye care services and help the development of national youth myopia prevention and control, AIER officially launched the "Youcai Program" in November 2018. The program aims to find out professional young talents in the field of optometry and pediatric ophthalmology, further enhancing optometry talent team, and prepare talented people for the AIER future development. Through a series of 2-year courses covering professional new technologies, new progress, multiculture, we focus on cultivating outstanding professional skills, excellent teaching ability excellent young talents in various forms. At present, the first session of 21 students is about to start their first experiential training.

Going forward, emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud computing, and Genetics provide historic opportunities for the development and innovation in the ophthalmology field, which also lead to the dual transformation of the industry and the times. AIER will continue to explore and improve talent strategy and embrace the coming challenges and success with all the people in this industry.