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AIER Wins Bid for the 19th International Myopia Conference


AIER Eye Hospital Group wins the hosting rights to the 19th International Myopia Conference on September 13th at the 17th International Myopia Conference in Tokyo, for its professionalism and leading position in the field of Myopia, which will bring China into the international stage of Ophthalmology.

The International Myopia Conference (Hereinafter referred to as IMC), which has been hosted more than 50 years and regarded as the Olympics in the field of Myopia, is the most authoritative academic conference in the world. Specialists and scholars from all around the world together to discuss profoundly the advanced research results about the occurrence, development, diagnosis & treatment, and risk of myopia, pushing forward the research progress of Myopia.

There are 6 institutions from 3 countries compete for the hosting rights to IMC at the 17th International Myopia Conference in 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to its specialized ability and leading position in Myopia, AIER Eye Hospital Group wins the bid for the 19th International Myopia Conference. 


As a Global Chain Ophthalmology Group, AIER Leads the Development of Myopia Industry

As a global eye hospital group across Asia, Europe and the United States, AIER, integrating clinical, teaching and scientific research, has more than 500 eye medical chain institutions, more than 5,000 ophthalmologists, with a service area of 3 billion people. In blindness prevention & treatment and youth myopia prevention & control, AIER is an industry leader. 

AIER's achievements in the field of Myopia:

  • With 5 years research and development, AIER launched the world's first smart wearable equipment—cloud clip, which can simultaneously monitor close-up work and outdoor activities, providing an epoch-making method for the research and prevention of myopia.

  • Launching the Multi-Centered Global research project of Big Data in Myopia, which is expected to fill the historical gap in the pathogenesis of human myopia and help solve myopia puzzles that have plagued the scientific community for hundreds of years. 

  • Creatively proposing five-dimensional scientific prevention and control of myopia, which opened a new era of personalized myopia prevention & control in AIER.


Comprehensive Strength Keeps Rising, Showing Chinese Power to the World

IMC has been held twice in China: the first was jointly hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center in 2003; the second was hosted by Wenzhou Medical University in 2015. By 2023, China will host its third IMC, sponsored by AIER, which shows a flourishing tendency of Chinese Optometry industry.

For more than 40 years of reform and opening-up, China's scientific and technological strength has grown along with the economic development, achieving a historic leap from being lagging to be leading. China is striving toward the grand goal of the world's technological power. In 2023, authoritative experts in Myopia all round the world will once again gather in China to share and explore advanced research results and ideas, which is expected to further promote the scientific and technological progress and the development of the Myopia industry. It will also be conducive to the promotion and implementation of the prevention & control strategy of myopia in China, as well as the improvement of the eye health of children and adolescents in China.


The research team of AIER Institute of Optometry & Visual Science, led by Prof. Yang Zhikuan.