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AIER Supports CSU with Double First-Class University Project, Rewarding All Medical Staff in Frontline



The two sides sign a donation agreement.

On the morning of June 10, a donation ceremony was held at Central South University, during which AIER Eye Hospital Group donated 10 million yuan to the medical staff of the affiliated hospitals of Central South University who bravely helped to fight against COVID-19 in the frontline. Leaders of the Central South University and senior executives of AIER attended the donation ceremony and symposium.

Hunan Xiangjiang Charity Foundation that was initiated by Mr. Chen Bang and Mr. Li Li, the two founders of AIER Eye Hospital Group, signed a donation agreement with Central South University, which will support the "double first-class"  university project, and the development of its medical disciplines.

AIER Eye Hospital Group is a university-enterprise cooperative enterprise with Central South University. Since the establishment of AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU in 2013, jointly found by AIER and CSU, the two sides have complemented each other’s advantages and jointly built a model of university-enterprise cooperation, accumulating experience in actively promoting the reform and innovation of the medical education system.

Salute to all medical staff, AIER rewards them for their benevolence and selflessness

At the beginning of the new year, COVID-19 suddenly broke out and swept the world. The medical staff of the affiliated hospitals of CSU quickly responded to the government's call and actively devote themselves to Wuhan, Huanggang, and other front-line cities to fight against the virus. At the same time, they also took on their responsibility for epidemic prevention and control in Hunan province, bravely protecting their homes and lives.


Mr. Chen Bang awarded a special grant to the representatives of the medical staff of Central South University.

Impressed by the efforts of the front-line medical staff, AIER Group decided to honor all front-line medical staff of Xiangya. "This is a heartfelt gesture and a tribute from us." said Mr. Chen Bang, chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, he hopes to take this opportunity to honor the benevolence of doctors and call on more doctors to practice their glorious mission.

AIER has demonstrated the responsibilities of Chinese enterprises with swift action at the beginning of the outbreak. It launched several targeted donations to support epidemic prevention and control. Besides, 1824 AIER's medical staff actively devote themselves to epidemic prevention and control, of which 230 people directly participated in the front-line treatment of patients with COVID-19. As an international eye hospital group, AIER and its overseas teams worked together to overcome difficulties, deploying domestic and foreign medical materials through multiple channels and giving full play to the advantages of internationalization. AIER realized the "cloud sharing" of its experience in epidemic prevention and control through online seminars and "Guidelines for COVID-19 prevention and control in Eye Hospitals".

Supporting the construction of Double First-Class university, Working together to set the model of Chinese university -enterprise cooperation

"Medicine is one of the main characteristic disciplines of Central South University. To become a world-class university, Medicine is our essential discipline." Mr. Yi Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Central South University, said. "In recent years, CSU has done a lot of work on medical technology, basic research, and the cultivation of high academic and high-level talents, including deepening cooperation with well-known companies such as AIER Eye Hospital Group. AIER offers CSU strong financial support for the construction of Double First-Class university, especially in Medicine. We are very grateful." He hoped that the cooperation between AIER and CSU can reach a new level and achieve new results ".


Mr. Yi Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Central South University, delivers his speech.

In the symposium, Academician Tian Hongqi, President of Central South University, also expressed her appreciation for AIER's performance in the fight against COVID-19. She said that CSU has achieved rapid development in recent years, just like AIER did, with the rising world rankings. We have outstanding performance in both scientific research innovation and entrepreneurship innovation. Mrs. Tian Hongqi hopes that the cooperation between the two sides will become broader and deeper.


Academician Tian Hongqi, President of Central South University, delivers her speech.

It is understood that AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU,  jointly established by AIER Eye Hospital Group and Central South University in 2013, is the first specialized ophthalmology school in China, rewriting the history of the absence of a specialized ophthalmology school in China. It is a landmark and a beneficial innovation and exploration of the cooperation between social capital and universities.

The college has made the combination of ophthalmic talent training, scientific research, and clinical practice possible. It has cultivated a large number of clinical, scientific, and academic talents for the domestic eye care industry, and has made active contributions to the development of the industry and the training of ophthalmic talents in China.


Mr. Chen Bang, chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, delivers his speech.

"This is not only AIER's reward on education, and the great attention to talents training, but also the responsibility and obligation of supporting the construction of a Double First-class university as a partner." Mr. Chen Bang said. In the future, AIER will launch more cooperation with CSU, supporting it in terms of talent training, academic research, integration of Production-Education-Research, and brand building. Both sides will work together to make AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU the model of Chinese university-enterprise cooperation, and jointly promote the development of eye health.