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In the new round of national science & technology innovation platform construction, AIER is listed as the key cultivation object in Hunan



On the morning of January 11th, Xudong Tong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province, visited AIER to investigate the development of scientific and technological innovation and resource demand of the Group.

After the discussion with the head office of AIER Eye Group, Xudong Tong expressed his hope for AIER: Group is expected to be a leading enterprise in the construction of scientific and technological innovation highland in Hunan Province, Moreover, AIER Eye Group will be listed as the key cultivation object of Hunan Province in the new round of national scientific and technological innovation platform construction.

The integration of science, education and research has yielded good results.

AIER reported to Xudong Tong and his delegation the development of scientific, educational and research work of the group. The company built an innovation chain based on the industrial chain, laid out the industrial chain based on the innovation chain, and highlighted the joint exploration of cutting-edge technology, common key technology and clinical practical technology in the field of ophthalmology. Now, AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU ·Central South University, AIER Clinical College of Ophthalmology Wuhan university, AIER Eye Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University, AIER School of Ophthalmology & Optometry, HBUST · Hubei University of Science and Technology, and AIER Eye Hospital Affiliated to Anhui Medical University have been established. Besides, AIER has also established 8 institutes, AIER Ophthalmology Institute, AIER Optometry Institute & Visual Science, AIER Corneal Institute, AIER Refraction Institute, AIER Glaucoma Institute, AIER Retinaology Institute, AIER Cataract Intraocular Lens Institute and Ophthalmic Research Institute in Wuhan University. Two Stations (Post-doctoral research workstation, Academician research workstation), One Base (" Haizhi Plan "work base) and Two Centers (Clinical Medical Research Center for ocular surface disease, Enterprise Technology Innovation Center).


Zhikuan Yang, vice president of AIER and director of AIER Optometry Institute & Visual Science, presented AIER's scientific research achievements.

“In recent years, based on Integration of science, education and research, AIER has made outstanding achievements in basic research, applied basic research and clinical application research, scientific and technological innovation has yielded good results.” Said by ZhiKuan Yang , AIER eye hospital group Vice President, director of the institute. “For example, the "Cloud Clip" independently developed by AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU is an artificial intelligence wearable device for myopia prevention and control. Through Big Data technology with medical experts' analysis and research on the obtained data, it provides important reference for doctors and parents to prevent and control myopia.”

In addition, in the first half of 2020, due to the epidemic and other factors, children and adolescents were not able to timely visit professional eye care institutions for vision testing. Unable to grasp the child's vision changes in time, it means that the problem of myopia cannot be timely intervention and correction. To cope with this problem, AIER Optometry Institute & Visual Science independently developed "AIER Vision Measurement" mini program, enabling parents to monitor their children's vision at home, according to the results of vision detection to give professional, personalized suggestions. "For parents and children, it is time-saving and efficient. It is another intelligent technology tool to help prevent and control myopia after Cloud Clip." Professor Zhikuan Yang said.

AIER is leading the construction of scientific and technological innovation highland in Hunan.


Xudong Tong, Secretary of Party Group and Director of Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province

Xudong Tong affirmed AIER's efforts in scientific and technological innovation. He said: At present, at the beginning of the 14th Five-Year plan, the provincial Party committee and provincial government put forward the development strategy of "three high schools and four new schools" in Hunan, in order to build a scientific and technological innovation highland with core competitiveness. As the pacemaker of the central region, Hunan should play a new role in promoting the rise of the central region and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, as a new name card of Hunan health industry. AIER is looking forward to showing the leading style of large enterprises in the construction of scientific and technological innovation highland in Hunan Province and assuming the responsibility of scientific and technological innovation and development of enterprises.

"I believe that AIER has the strength and ability to take advantage of the policy, implement the national and Hunan Provincial Innovation Strategy, to burst out the vitality of innovation and creation in the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan."

Mr. Li Li, the global president of AIER, expressed his special thanks to the Provincial Science and Technology Department for their support to AIER.

"Innovation-driven, Tech- AIER" is an important support for the 100-Year AIER development strategy. The support of the Provincial Science and Technology Department will further accelerate the sci-tech innovation work of AIER, provide a clear direction and important guide for AIER's scientific and technological innovation future.

Next, AIER will continue to focus on building an innovation platform, enriching the scientific and technological talent team, and incubating research and development projects to meet the growing market demand. We hope to make better use of science and technology policies under the guidance of provincial department leaders and promote the sustainable development of the group with the power of science and technology innovation.

Embrace the era of science and technology innovation, promote the continuous improvement of China's eye disease diagnosis, treatment capacity and scientific research innovation capacity, to make contributions to the ophthalmology of China and even the world!