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Alliance between giants - AIER and the Chinese Academy of Sciences launch the STS "Smart Eye Care" project



On the occasion of World health day on April 7, 2021, led by the AIER Eye Hospital Group (referred to as "AIER") and the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (referred to as "ICT" ), together with Institute of Information Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Computer Network Information Center and multiple units, the regional key project in the STS Plan (Science and Technology Service Network Initiative) -- "Intelligent Unmanned Inspection System and Big Data Platform for Eye Health Management" (referred to as "Smart Eye Care") was officially launched.

Aiming at the prevention and treatment of basic eye diseases and the prevention and control of adolescent myopia, the project will build an intelligent eye health system based on the big data platform of eye health, including the peripheral ophthalmic intelligent examination equipment and the fundus image auxiliary diagnosis system deployed on the examination equipment. The promotion of the project aims to comprehensively improve the people's eye health.


AIER collaborates with ICT signed the "Cooperation Agreement on Joint Training of Post-Doctoral Talents"

In addition to the official launch of the Smart Eye Care Project, AIER also signed the "Cooperation Agreement on Joint Training of Post-Doctoral Talents" with ICT, focusing on ophthalmology, vision science, and computing science, the two sides will jointly recruit and train postdoctoral talents in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, new materials, and wearable computing in a planned and focused way.

On the same day, the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province awarded AIER "Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry International Science and Technology Cooperation Base", which highly recognized AIER's efforts in the development of optometry science and technology.


The Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province awarded AIER "Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center"

Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center is an important scientific and technological innovation platform laid out by the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province to carry out characteristic engineering research and translation according to the needs of industrial development. AIER will aim at the technical bottlenecks that need to be solved urgently in the development of optometry industry. Under the guidance of translational medicine, AIER will strive to acquire key technologies, generic technologies, leading technologies and industrialization study, to provide more independent innovative products for the prevention and control of youth myopia.


The Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province awarded AIER "Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry International Science and Technology Cooperation Base"

"Hunan Ophthalmic Optometry International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" is a significant component of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Innovation System, as a major force to expand the external influence of science and technology, to utilize global scientific and technological resources, participate in international scientific and technological competition or cooperation, AIER will focus on the significant needs of economic and social development, combined with the advantages of AIER's global expansion, the model of "project-talent-base" were adopted. AIER has also introduced Pablo Artal, a world renowned Spanish expert in the field of optical , Heping Xu, professor at the Queen's University Belfast, together with other experts.  Aside form establishing a close cooperative relationship with Essilor in France, Topcon in Japan, Brien Holden Vision Institute in Australia and other renowned international enterprises and institutions, the scope and substantive cooperation are also expanded.

Picture5.pngMr.Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER, delivers his speech.

According to the introduction, in order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as economic and social development, the CAS’s STS plan was launched in 2014. Key components of this plan are "Take the Lead" program. The STS Regional Key Project mainly meets the needs of regional economic and social development, and focuses on regional characteristic industries and strategic emerging industries. Apart from that, STS plan also aiming at "bottleneck" which is related to people's livelihood, to strengthen the integrated application, engineering demonstration and industrialization promotion of technologies.


Mr. Tize Wang, Deputy Secretary General of Changsha Municipal People's Government, delivers his speech.

With the strong recommendation of Changsha Science and Technology Department, and the strong support of Wuhan CAS and Hunan Science and Technology Department, "Smart Eye Care" project has been well recognized by the Bureau of Science & Technology for Development at CAS , it has become the only STS regional key project in Hunan in 2020.



Mr. Zhiming Yuan, president of Wuhan  CAS, delivers his speech.

Founded in 2002, with three listed companies in China A-share, Europe and Singapore, the annual outpatient visits exceeded 10 million, and the annual surgical visits exceeded 1 million, AIER is gradually growing and developing into a global chain of eye care groups. Thanks to constant exploration and innovation, AIER has been expanding in the industry for 19 years. In view of the uneven regional distribution of medical resources in China, AIER has successfully established the "hierarchical chain" management model. Seven years ago, AIER started a pioneering cooperation with the University to establish the School of Ophthalmology. To attract and retain talents, " Create, share and mutual benefit Partnership Program" was launched, with the advantage of the listed company platform. At the same time, AIER will continue to adhere the concept of innovative development and fulfilled its social responsibilities, as well as use the "cross-subsidy" model, constantly committed to the mission, "Enabling everyone, whether rich or poor, has the right to eye health."



Mr. Xianjie Qiu, deputy director of the Science and Technology Cooperation Division of the Development Bureau of Science and Technology Promotion, CAS, delivers his speech.

With absorbing advanced international medical management experience, through the establishment of scientific research and education fund, AIER continuously increase the investment in scientific research, vigorously support the development of cutting-edge and original academic research in ophthalmology. "Innovation-driven, Tech- AIER" is an important support for the AIER development strategy, based on high-quality ophthalmic medical technology, through the construction of education and training system combined with the application of digitalization, telemedicine and artificial intelligence technology, to make contributions to the ophthalmology of China and even the world!


Ms. Chan Yang, Party member of Changsha Science and Technology Bureau, delivers her speech.


Mr. Li li, President of AIER, delivers the Strategy Report on Digital Transformation.

AIER would like to work together with ICT to compose a new chapter, create a new model of innovation cooperation between industry leading enterprises and CAS, In the future, AIER is willing to intensify the cooperation with top scientific research institutions and universities in such fields as medical, teaching, research, production and investment systems, make good use of resources and technological advantages, a bright future is awaiting China, and the world!