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Mr. Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, has been honored as "Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"


On the afternoon of May 28, Hunan Private Economy United Front Work Conference and High-quality Development Conference of Private Economy was held in Changsha. Mr. Dazhe Xu, Hunan Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Hunan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Director attended the meeting and made a speech. At the meeting, Mr. Lanxiang Huang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Provincial Committee, read out the "Decision on Commending the Fourth Session of Hunan Non-public Economic Personage as Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", and the leaders of the CPC Provincial Committee and the government of Hunan awarded 30 Hunan entrepreneurs as "Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics".



Exploring and leading the high-quality development of non-public enterprises, Mr. Bang Chen, chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group, was awarded the highest non-public honor

In this meeting, Secretary Dazhe Xu fully affirmed the status and role of private economy in various undertakings and the outstanding contributions made by private entrepreneurs to the economic and social development of Hunan. He pointed out that since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary of China Mr. Jinping Xi has issued a series of important expositions on the development of private economy and the United Front work of private economy. We must earnestly study, understand, implement, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and vocation to promote the high-quality development by strengthening private economy.


Provincial Party Committee Secretary Dazhe Xu, Governor Weiming Mao and other provincial Party Committee and provincial government leaders granted the award representatives.

Secretary Mr.Dazhe Xu stressed that we should focus on the implementation of "Three Highland, Four Innovation" strategy and put more efforts in the high-quality development of the private economy. At the meeting, Mr. Dazhe Xu mentioned in particular, "Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government will continue to support AIER to grow bigger and stronger, we hope that AIER will further improve the quality of medical care and service level, continuously maintain the image of the brand, to make greater contributions to the society."


Secretary Mr. Dazhe Xu personally presented the award to Chairman Mr. Bang Chen and communicated with him kindly

After the meeting, Chairman Mr. Bang Chen sincerely thanked the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government for their support to AIER, He said, "The Party and the state attach great importance to the non-public economy, which makes us full of confidence, we will live up to this honor, persist in running an industry with perseverance, focus on the eye industry, and strengthen the main business, adhere to the “Enabling everyone, whether rich or poor, has the right to eye health.” enterprise mission.

AIER Eye Hospital Group is China's leading ophthalmology hospital group that covers Asia, Europe, and North America with huge scale and outstanding medical capacity. It has three listed companies in China , Europe , and Southeast Asia with a total number of more than 690 specialized eye hospitals and centers and the annual outpatient visits in mainland China exceeded 10 million, with the annual surgical visits exceeded 1 million, the medical service network spread all over the world covers nearly 3 billion people.

Combining with China's actual conditions, AIER Eye Hospital Group has successfully established the "hierarchical chain" management model, AIER has always been focusing on eye care service and will establish more professional hospitals in smaller cities and counties providing high quality and multi-level eye care to more people, in the meantime dedicate itself to the social welfare and helping disadvantaged groups to promote the cause of fighting blindness and national eye health, actually more than 700,000 charitable ophthalmic operations have been performed for poor patients with eye diseases, with 180 million people benefit from the eye health public service, the total scale of social welfare projects reached 740 million yuan.

In the future, with absorbing advanced international medical management experience, through the establishment of scientific research and education fund, AIER will continuously increase the investment in scientific research, vigorously support the development of cutting-edge and original academic research in ophthalmology. Based on high-quality ophthalmic medical technology, through the construction of education and training system combined with the application of digitalization, telemedicine and artificial intelligence technology, to make contributions to the ophthalmology of China and even the world!



Mr. Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER Eye Hospital Group has been honored as "Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics."