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The Rescue: AIER donates 5 million yuan to support disaster relief in Henan province.


In recent days, torrential rains continue to pounds Henan Province, China. The massive rains that have been hitting Zhengzhou city, from 02:30AM on July 21, the flood and drought disaster prevention level II emergency response was upgraded to level I. It has caused serious damages to local people's lives and property safety is under great threat. On the evening of July 20, AIER Eye Hospital immediately decided to donate 5 million yuan to the Chinese Red Cross Society, the Henan Red Cross Society, and the Zhengzhou Red Cross Society, to take an active role in rescue and relief work.


Officials from AIER said “The disaster is painful, we must help them!” When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters. Since the virus go on a rampage last year, AIER kept its social responsibilities in mind and actively responding to national demands, by launching a large support program on the global scale, donating medical supplies to Asia, Europe, and America, more than 760,000 pieces of protective equipment including masks, goggles, ventilators, protective suits, and medical gloves. In total, more than 50 million yuan was donated to fight against COVID-19.