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Protecting children and teenager’s eye health, "Red Cross Eye Protection Program " officially launched in Beijing


In recent years, the vision problem of children and teenagers has been attracting the attention of the whole society. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of myopia in children and teenagers in the new era, the "Red Cross Eye Protection Program" launched by the Red Cross Society of China (referred to as the RCSC), executed by the China Red Cross Foundation (referred to as the CRCF) and supported by the Eye Care Foundation, was held in Beijing on September 29.


"Red Cross Eye Protection Program" officially launched in Beijing

Shuopeng Sun, Vice President and Party Member of the RCSC, Xiaochao Bei, Vice President and Secretary General of the CRCF, Li Li, President of AIER, Zhikuan Yang, Ph.D. Supervisor of AIER School of Ophthalmology, Central South University(referred to as CSU), Zhikun Peng, Director of the Hunan Eye Care Foundation and others attended the launching ceremony.

Eye Care Foundation donated 100 million yuan

Science education、preventive intervention、 created eye health files to shed light on myopia control in children and teenagers


Mr.Shuopeng Sun, Vice President and Party Member of the RCSC, delivered a speech

The prevention and control of myopia among children and teenagers, has become an important national strategic work, from the vital instructions issued by the General Secretary, the Comprehensive Plan to Prevent Nearsightedness among Children and Teenagers, Evaluation and Assessment Methods for Myopia , Notice of Pilot Counties for the Prevention and control of myopia work, the Ministry of Education (referred to as the MOE), in collaboration with other competent authorities, implemented a nationwide comprehensive program to protect students’ eye health. Shuopeng Sun, Vice President of the RCSC, said in his speech, "In 2020, the RCSC and the MOE jointly issued a Notice on further strengthening and improving the Work of the Red Cross Program in schools in the New Era, "Red Cross Eye Protection Program" is clearly proposed. To mobilize the Red Cross system and other forces, in cooperation with education and health departments, to carry out health education, eyesight examination in primary and secondary schools across the country, as well as to provide treatment to children with eye diseases from poor families, in order to achieve the goal of reducing the incidence of myopia.


Mr.Li Li, President of AIER, introduced the company

Mr. Li Li, President of AIER said, "Being as the biggest eye hospital chain globally, AIER has been actively responding to national demands, AIER dedicates itself to social charity projects of the RCSC and the CRCF. With the 'hierarchical chain' management model that adapts to China's market environment, utilizing our advantages in talent, technology , and management, we aim to provide the most trusted eye care to patients all over the country by offering good medical quality, superior medical service and harmonious doctors-to-patients communication. AIER will be assisting put all national policies into effect at the community level and continue to contribute to the 'Healthy China initiative'.

The "Red Cross Eye Protection Program" was launched by the RCSC, executed by the CRCF. With Eye Care Foundation donating 100 million yuan in five years, as a professional ophthalmic medical institution, AIER carries out activities such as filing the eye health record, eye education seminar, free glasses, and eye disease assistance for impoverished patients. Science education、preventive intervention、 created eye health files to shed light on myopia control in children and teenagers. It is estimated that the program will benefit more than 100 million children and teenagers in China.

The "Red Cross Eye Protection Program" will be piloted in Beijing, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces for five years. It is expected to cover more than 2,800 primary and secondary schools, with about 2.6 million teenagers will benefit from eye education seminars, eyesight examinations and other services.

Efficient non-profit-making networks + Professional eye medical institutions

The alliance between giants to improve the eye health level of teenagers


Mr. Zhikun Peng, Director of the Hunan Eye Care Foundation give a rundown of the program

Zhikun Peng, Director of the Hunan Eye Care Foundation, said, "The 'Red Cross Eye Protection Program' is an attempt and active explore to prevention and control of myopia in children and teenagers. More than that, it is also a positive response to the call of 'Let the whole society in action'. The program relies on two major providers of networks to deliver services to the student community. The first is the elaborate networks of the Red Cross Organization System. The second is AIER's international network, clinical, teaching and research advantages, We are confident that we can quickly achieve the public welfare goals of the 'Adolescent Vision Health Initiative' and improve the overall visual health level of teenagers in China."


Mr. Zhikuan Yang, Vice Leader Of Optometry Group, Chinese Ophthalmological Society and P.HD. supervisor of AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU

The overall myopia rate of Chinese children and teenagers is 53.6%, continues to rank first in the world. The myopia rate of middle school and high school students has exceeded 70% and is increasing year by year, with the myopia rate of primary school students has also exceeded 35%. Zhikuan Yang, Vice Leader Of Optometry Group, Chinese Ophthalmological Society and Ph.D. supervisor of AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU, pointed out prevention and control of myopia, prevention is vital. Parents hold a significant place in the family prevention process, they are the gatekeeper of child myopia prevention and control, who should pay great attention in the line of duty. One is to cultivate children's eye care habits and do more outdoor activities to prevent myopia.

At the same time, it is recommended that parents take their children to professional eye medical institutions from the age of 3 on a regular basis and create eye health files, at least twice a year, so as to achieve detection and intervention goals at an early stage. If the child has myopia already, go to the formal professional eye institutions to monitor the myopia progress, prevent the occurrence of high myopia (myopic with 600 degrees or above is defined as high myopia).

AIER, as the professional medical service unit of the program, has undertaken many large public welfare programs at home and abroad. Such as " Brightness Project in Shigatse","Brightness Project in Assisting Targeted Poverty Alleviation","Free Treatment to Impoverished Cataract Patients","One Belt, One Road Brightness Project for Oversea Chinese", " Brightness Project in Mekong River", which reflects the belief of the AIER in pursuing high-tech medical treatment, high standard service, and high-quality development. Mr. Li Li said, "Under the guidance of the RCSC and with the support of the CRCF and the Eye Care Foundation, AIER will continue to contribute to the prevention and control of myopia among children and teenagers together with all colleagues."



An expert committee was set up at the launching ceremony, Mr. Xiaochao Bei, Vice President and Secretary-General of the CRCF, Mr. Zhikun Peng (first from left), Director of the Hunan Eye Care Foundation, presented the appointment letters to the experts.

In addition, an expert committee was also set up at the launching ceremony. The first expert committee was led by Prof. Fan Lv , Leader of Optometry Group, Chinese Ophthalmological Society, Prof. Zhikuan Yang, Vice Leader Of Optometry Group, Chinese Ophthalmological Society, Prof. Peiying Xie, Chairman of Contact Lens Safety Monitoring and Visual Health Committee of China Health Association, President of Beijing Remote Vision Optometry Institute, Prof. Ming Su, Member of Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Group, Ophthalmology Society of Chinese Medical Association, the Deputy President of AIER in HeiBei Province, Prof. Jiangtao Xu, Vice Chairman of Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Committee of Ophthalmologist Branch of Chinese Medical Association, President of Kunming AIER Eye Hospital, Prof. Yanhua Wang, Deputy President of Shanxi AIER Eye Hospital, Member of Pediatric Ophthalmology Group of China Medical Women’s Association Ophthalmology Committee, Prof. WeiZhong Lan , Member of the expert group of the World Health Organization (WHO) Refractive Error Prevention and Control Program, Master supervisor of AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU and other experienced experts.

The committee will mainly provide advice and professional guidance for the management of vision health in children and teenagers, to explore, discover and recommend appropriate technologies and typical experiences for vision health, as well as carry out visual screening and publicity activities nationwide, to protect children and teenagers' vision health.