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School-enterprise cooperation making new progress by providing opportunities and platforms for talents to stand out - AIER and Henan University agreed to establish a strategic partnership



The strategic cooperation ceremony between AIER Eye Hospital Group(referred to as “AIER”)and Henan University was held. "AIER Eye Hospital of Henan University", " AIER Clinical College of Henan University " and "AIER Eye Research Institute of Henan University" were officially inaugurated

On January 5th, AIER and Henan University formally reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build "AIER Eye Hospital of Henan University", " AIER Clinical College of Henan University " and "AIER Eye Research Institute of Henan University". AIER will put forward a win-win development model with Henan University, establishing all-around strategic cooperation with shared and integrated high-quality medical teaching and research resources, through cooperation to building a new example of "famous school + famous enterprise" 

Keping Lu, Party secretary of Henan University, Shaokang Xu, Member of the Standing Committee and Vice President of Henan University, Yunchao Kan, Standing Committee member and Vice President of Henan University, with the university's Party Committee office, Development Planning Department, Discipline Construction Department, Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee, Henan University Education Development Foundation, all the members of the Medical College and the director of each office, Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER, Li Li, President of AIER,  Yuewen Zhang, Party Secretary of AIER and President of AIER Medical Group, Shibo Tang, Vice President and General Dean of AIER, Vice President of Chinese Ophthalmologist Association, and relevant departments of the AIER headquarter, management staff from AIER Henan provincial region, Zhengzhou AIER Eye Hospital attended the strategic cooperation ceremony.

AIER and Henan University will unite in accelerating the integration of hospital-university-research and production

According to the Eye Health White Paper released by the National Health Commission in 2020, there are about 44,800 eye doctors in the country, with an average of 1.6 eye doctors serving about 50,000 Chinese, the surging demand for ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment, the reserve of professional talents is facing great challenges.

To effectively alleviate the talent gap in ophthalmology and cultivate high-level talents with ophthalmology clinical and scientific research capabilities, AIER and Henan University have launched strategic cooperation in an all-round way, giving full play to the advantages of both sides in resources and systems to jointly build "AIER Eye Hospital of Henan University", " AIER Clinical College of Henan University " and "AIER Eye Research Institute of Henan University".

In the future, the two sides will rely on its strong academic foundation around the world, with a large sample of data accumulated by more than 700 professional eye hospitals and centers, to enhance the recruitment of high-end medical talents, research and development, innovative models to cultivate medical talents, as well as ensure implementation by establishing multi-disciplinary consultations and putting efforts on the construction of medical, education, research and production integration of ophthalmology and vision science talents


   Mr. Keping Lu, Party Secretary of Henan University, delivered a speech

Keping Lu, Party Secretary of Henan University, said in his speech, "AIER is a global chain of ophthalmology institutions, committed to promoting the development of eye medical industry with the development strategy, to promote the development of blindness prevention, treatment and eye health in China and help everyone enjoy universal good eye health. The combination of AIER and Henan University is the expansion of school-enterprise cooperation. We hope that both sides will continue to expand cooperation areas and integrate ideas, technologies with resources into the school's training system, course, and teacher training. At the same time, we will bring the trained students, scientific research and innovation achievements to the industry, making resources distributed more evenly to help the construction of new medical sciences, cultivate high-quality innovative talents, and provide strong support for the construction of ' Double First-Class (First-Class University &First-Class Disciplines) 'development plan."(referred to as “Double First-Class”)

图片.pngBoth sides exchanged souvenirs

Henan University, founded in 1912, is now one of the national "Double First-Class" universities. The medical discipline of the university was founded in 1928 and has a history of nearly one hundred years. For a long time, as the principal part of medical education in Henan province, the Henan Medical School has cultivated a large number of medical masters and medical workers represented by Deming Zhu, Xiaofang Zhang and Peilan Hu, making important contributions to higher medical education and medical and health undertakings in Henan province and even the whole country. In September 2016, the university was selected into the " Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities (Program of the Ministry of Education of China) ", Henan University also has many national research centers, laboratories and scientific research bases.

"Famous school + famous enterprise"

Constructing a multi-dimensional inter-disciplinary talents training environment


Mr. Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER, delivered a speech

Bang Chen, Chairman of AIER, said, "Henan University is one of the 'Double Aircraft Carrier' universities jointly established by Henan Provincial Party Committee and government, and a national 'Double First-Class' university jointly established by Henan Province and ministry. It is also a century-old university with a long history, has trained hundreds of thousands of outstanding scholars, social celebrities and academic talents.

The cooperation between AIER and Henan University is in line with the development vision of both sides. It not only responds to the strategic goals of "Healthy China" and "Innovative Development", but also marks a good beginning of in-depth cooperation and win-win cooperation between both sides. In the future, we will be guided by the policy of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government to promote the construction of 'Double First-Class' and build a high-quality higher education resource development system. Based on the resource endowment of both sides, we will give full play to the institutional advantages of school-enterprise cooperation."

This year marks AIER's 20th anniversary. The growth over the past 19 years shows that AIER has explored a new model of school-enterprise cooperation in China's ophthalmic medical industry, AIER places talents training, school-enterprise integration and integration of science, education and research as the center of its innovation-driven development strategy. Bang Chen Said “It has been 19 years of relentless progress despite trials and tribulations, we need to make steady progress towards achieving our long-term goals in 2022; Talent Strategy Helps "100-Year AIER" Dream! With a worldwide vision for the future, and based on our experience of eye health development in China and around the globe, we are here to support the development of vision science with AIER’s contribution!”


   Group Photo of both parties