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AIER Eye Hospital Group received “The Red Cross Award of China”


In January 2022, AIER Eye Hospital Group (referred to as “AIER”), Zhengzhou AIER Eye Hospital and Shanxi AIER Eye Hospital, received 2021 “The Red Cross Award of China” by the Red Cross Society of China, they presented medals to recipients and the honorary title for AIER’s outstanding contributions to the help with the relief efforts in Henan and Shanxi province.


 AIER, Zhengzhou AIER Eye Hospital and Shanxi AIER Eye Hospital received 2021 “The Red Cross Award of China” by the Red Cross Society of China

The “Red Cross Award of China” is an honor set up by the Red Cross Society of China to commend the donors at home and abroad who have made great contributions to the Red Cross humanitarian aid.
This is another important award for AIER in the field of philanthropy, following the 11th "China Charity Award" awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Last year, rainstorms sweeping across parts of China have affected millions, Henan and Shanxi provinces has been hit the hardest by severe floods, AIER took active actions and donated money and supplies to help fight against heavy rain, which fully embodies the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, philanthropism and dedication".

In late July 2021, torrential rains continue to pound Henan province, questions such as the urban water accumulation caused by the urban water-logging. It has caused serious damage to local people's lives and property safety is under great threat. AIER immediately decided to donate 2 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China, meanwhile, Zhengzhou AIER Eye Hospital also donated 3 million yuan to take an active role in rescue and relief work in Henan Province. In addition to donations, the hospital also provided necessary material support to the hospitalized patients and citizens who could not go home due to the heavy rain.

In October of the same year, Shanxi Province was hit by severe floods. To help disaster victims get back on their feet and have a normal life as soon as possible, Shanxi AIER Eye Hospital donated 1 million yuan to Shanxi Red Cross Society to tide over difficulties and rebuild their homes with frontline flood fighters together. Moreover, during the flood, all the medical staff of Zhengzhou and Shanxi AIER Eye Hospitals were on standby 24 hours a day to open an emergency eye health "fast lanes" for local patients, knowing that AIER is with people at all times.

As the world’s largest eye healthcare service provider by size and treatment, facing the threatening pandemic, bearing its mission in mind, AIER proactively soldiered on in the trenches to conduct medical rescue and treatment to fight the pandemic, with 53 million yuan donated for pandemic prevention and control both at home and abroad, more than 2,400 AIERers joined the frontline of pandemic fighting.

Stand to Public Welfare, Strive for Perfection.

Receiving " The Red Cross Reward of China" means AIER shoulders its humanitarian responsibilities and work in fighting the disaster was acknowledged. “Just like a thriving tree cannot grow without its roots, the growing of AIER cannot do without giving back to the society.” Mr. Bang Chen, chairman of AIER said, “The year 2022 is the second year of the launch of ‘The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan’, it falls on a year marks the beginning of Chinese socialism moving from the first centenary goal to the second. Based on the new stage and new form, AIER will adhere to the new concept of rural revitalization. All in all, to carry out the Healthy China initiative, making steady progress towards common prosperity!”