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AIER Eye Hospital Group donates 2 million yuan to Suzhou fight against the pandemic — Caring donation before Suzhou AIER Eye Hospital officially open


On February 28, AIER Eye Hospital Group (referred to as “AIER”) donated a total of 2 million yuan to Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, including 1 million yuan worth of anti–pandemic materials to Suzhou No. 5 People's Hospital. In addition, AIER donated 1 million yuan in cash to the Red Cross Society of China Suzhou Wuzhong branch for the purchase of anti-epidemic materials in the Wuzhong District.

On the day of the donation ceremony, Wenlai Yu, Chairman of the Labor Union of Suzhou Health Commission, Qiping Min, Chairman of the Labor Union of The Fifth People's Hospital, Yuming Chen, Emergency Management Director of Wuzhong District Health Commission, Jufang Xu, President of the Red Cross Society of China Suzhou Wuzhong branch, and relevant leaders of Suzhou AIER Eye Hospital attended the donation ceremony.


On January 13 this year, AIER Eye Medical Group signed a contract with Wuzhong Economic Development Zone Management Committee, the two sides reached an agreement to build two-in-one eye care and health industry in Wuzhong District – Suzhou AIER Eye Hospital & Southern Jiangsu Regional Ophthalmic Centers. Although the hospital has not been officially put into operation yet, as the world’s largest eye healthcare service provider by size and treatment, facing the threatening pandemic, bearing its mission in mind, AIER is here to support the fight against the global health crisis.


Since 2020, AIER has made targeted donations for many projects many times, and employees have proactively donated to support the front-line of pandemic prevention and control. In addition, AIER responded to the needs of hospitals all over the country and deployed domestic materials for pandemic prevention through multiple channels, to contribute to pandemic prevention and control in the trenches. In 2020, AIER donated more than 310 million yuan to the whole society and was awarded the "China Charity Award" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In January this year, AIER received 2021 “The Red Cross Award of China” by the Red Cross Society of China. Keeping its social responsibilities in mind and actively responding to national demands, AIER’s work was acknowledged by the state and charity organizations.