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Belt and Road Initiative: Love and Bright Journey

To better serve the "Belt and Road Initiative", and promote the people-to-people exchange between China and Myanmar, "Love and Bright Journey" project was inaugurated in Rangoon On May 20th, 2017. In Rangoon and Mandalay, the project plans to perform free surgeries to 200 impoverished cataract patients from Myanmar. This project is jointly hosted by Oversea Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Yunnan Oversea Chinese Federation, AIER Eye Hospital Group and Myanmar Mandalay Jindoyan Charity Association.

The cost of surgeries was donated by Mr. Yuhua Zhang, an overseas Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist who lives in Germany. The surgeries were carried out by medical experts from AIER Eye Hospital Group's international medical aid team.

The international medical aid team formed by eight medical doctors and nurses Led by Yongxiang Gong, director of Kunming AIER Eye Hospital. On May 19, the day when the medical aid team arrived in Yangon, there are more than 40 cataract patients received free rehabilitation surgery. “As the largest professional eye hospital group in China, Aier takes on the mission of “Everyone, rich or poor, has the right to eye health”, said Mr. Zhikun Peng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of AIER Eye Hospital Group. Myanmar is our close ally and the first stop country of "Belt and Road Initiative: Love and Bright Journey " project. He also expressed that the medic aid team will fully use the professional advantages of ophthalmology, by offering professional medical services to bring a bright life to Myanmar’s impoverished cataract patients. At the same time, to improve Myanmar’s ophthalmology medical skills, AIER will further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Burmese, and actively engage in medical personnel training and education.

This is the second joint visit to Myanmar by Oversea Chinese Charity Foundation of China and AIER Eye Hospital Group.In 2016, AIER Eye Hospital Group was invited to participate in the "Mekong Bright Journey" project, and provided free sight restoration surgeries to 181 cataract patients in Myanmar. According to the plan, the medical aid team will go to Mandalay for a further 200 cases right after finishing 100 cases in Yangon.

"Belt and Road Initiative: Love and Bright Journey" project is sponsored by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (ACFROC), jointly organized by Oversea Chinese Charity Foundation of China, AIER Eye Hospital Group. With the aim of providing free sight restoration surgery to impoverished cataract patients along the “Belt and Road” and help them to see the word again.

This program will also be launched in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.