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Eye Care Foundation

Visual disease seriously affects people's health and quality of life, it increases the family and social burden which is becoming one of the main causes of poverty. It is a major public health problem and social problem that affects people's livelihood.


To help more impoverished families and patients who suffer from visual diseases, AIER Eye Hospital Group established the Eye Care Foundation in February 2015. It is committed to the dissemination and popularization of the eye health knowledge, the prevention and control of juvenile myopia, blindness prevention and treatment in poor regions, precision poverty alleviation in eye health and other public welfare fields. Since its establishment, the foundation won the sixth and the seventh of Chinese Annual Public Welfare Program Award in succession in 2015-2016.


In the past three years, the Foundation has continued to carry out a series of large-scale charity projects throughout the country, in which, the Vision Health Care Program for juvenile has provided more than 200,000 students with eye health training such as vision screening, and more than 200,00 children with myopia from poor families with free vision correction; The Corneal Blindness Relief Program has helped hundreds of poor patients regaining their sight. To date, The Visual Health Poverty Alleviation Program has assisted patients totaling 100,000 people.   


Currently, there are more than 70 philanthropic programs being jointly carried out in various regions by the Foundation, covering elderly eye treatment, poverty alleviation with eye health care, corneal blindness relief, prevention and treatment of juvenile myopia and etc. These programs cost a total amount of more than 50 million and more than one million people have benefited from these programs. With the support of local governments and charities, it has delivered some good social benefits further achieved AIER’s mission: enabling everyone, both whether rich or poor, has the right to eye health.