Comply with national policy and build up global eye health ecosystem.
Integrate and cooperate with domestic and overseas professionals of AIER Group, top ophthalmic experts and scientists worldwide.
stablish “AIER Global Tech Innovative Incubation Fund” and collect high-tech and innovative incubated projects in ophthalmic field globally, providing with commercial and managerial support.

Global Tech Innovative Incubation Platform

Physical Space

  • AIER Innovative Incubation Zone
  • AIER GCP centers
  • 2 Institutions and 2 Schools of AIER

Financial Support

  • AIER Global Tech Innovative Incubation Fund
  • Strategic Partnership

Commercialized Operation

  • Help to build up business model and provide with promotion and marketization support

Professional Consultation

  • Expert guidance
  • Financial and legal suggestion and management