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About AIER Eye Hospital Group


AIER Eye Hospital Group is China's leading ophthalmology hospital group that covers Asia, Europe, and North America with huge scale and outstanding medical capacity. It has three listed companies in China (stock code: 300015) , Europe (Spain: CBAV), and Southeast Asia (Singapore: 40T) with a total number of 720 specialized eye hospitals and centers and the annual outpatient visits in mainland China exceeded 10 million. Among those eye hospitals and centers, there are 611 in Mainland China, 7 in Hong Kong,  China, 1 in the United States, 90 in Europe, and 12 in Southeast Asia.

AIER is committed to the parallel introduction and absorption of world-leading ophthalmic technology and management concept, with professionalism, scale and science as its strategy to advance China's ophthalmic medical care.

Base on constant exploration and practice, also with absorbing advanced international medical management experience, AIER Eye Hospital Group has successfully established the "hierarchical chain" management model that adapts to China's market environment. Utilizing our advantages in talent, technology and management, we aim to provide the most trusted eye care to patients all over the country by offering good medical quality, superior medical service and harmonious doctors-to-patients communication.


In 2013, AIER and Central South University jointly set up AIER School of Ophthalmology, CSU, to educate and train medical professionals with advanced degrees,which opened a new era for social capital to be involved in medical education.

In 2014, AIER joined the Hubei University of Science and Technology to establish the AIER School of Ophthalmology & Optometry, which aims to cultivate specialized talents in Optometry.

In 2019, AIER Clinical College of Ophthalmology, and Ophthalmic Research Institute in Wuhan University were found.

Besides, AIER has established 7 institutes since 2011, they are AIER Ophthalmic Research Institute, AIER Optometry Research Institute, AIER Refraction Research Institute, AIER Corneal Disease Institute, AIER Glaucoma Research Institute, AIER Retina Research Institute, and AIER Cataract and Intraocular Lens Research Institute.

Based on this, AIER continued to create a comprehensive scientific research platform. Up to now, an innovative platform integrating science, education and research. “Two Stations” refers to National Post-Doctorates R&D Workstation and Academician Expert Hunan Provincial Workstation, which was established after approval; “Two Bases” refers to Hunan International Optometry Science and Technology Cooperation Base and HOME Program work base in Hunan Province; “Three Centers” refers to Hunan Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center, Hunan Ocular Surface Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, and Hunan Enterprise Technology Center; meanwhile various innovative platforms such as “AIER-ICT Digital Ophthalmology Joint Laboratory” were jointly established.

At this point, AIER has bridged all three areas of medicine, education, and research, the establishment of these educational and research institutions will significantly boost our research and clinical standards.


In the process of rapid development, AIER has gathered and cultivated a group of experienced and innovative management team and a team of ophthalmologists with excellent medical ability and rigorous academic background. As of January, 2022,AIER has more than 40,000 employees globally, including more than 9,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists. Ophthalmologists in AIER consist of a large number of Master's supervisor, Ph.D. supervisor, Ph.D. Post doctorates, scholars trained in Europe and the United States and core experts with rich clinical experience. They are a high-profile core force in the field of ophthalmology in China.


Since its founding, AIER always committed to the mission, "Enabling everyone, whether rich or poor, has the right to eye health." With its "cross-subsidy" model, AIER provides patients with higher quality services, in the meantime dedicate itself to the social welfare and helping vulnerable groups to promote the cause of fighting blindness and national eye health.


With the reform on China's medical health system, AIER adapts to the national medical policy and trend, launching the "Partnership Program" in the healthcare industry to focus on changing the ecological environment for ophthalmologists and maximizing the creativity and initiative of core members in 2014. This strategy is a strong motivation for expanding AIER's scale, raising benefits. AIER has always been focusing on eye care service and will establish more professional hospitals in smaller cities and counties providing high quality and multi-level eye care to more people.